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BRUTAL South African MTB Racing || The Hogsback Enduro

Welcome to the most challenging and dangerous MTB Enduro Race in South Africa.
The hogsback Enduro was held in 2020 in the small Eastern Cape town of hogsback. This small hippy and earthy town hold the absolute best world class mountain bike trails in South Africa and is the new riding zone for riders seeking huge spikes of adrenaline as they charge down the mountains.

Over 40 riders gathered to do battle for the title of the fastest rider down the mountain. The race consisted of 6 big stages and riders had around an hour of racing time during the race.
The trails on the day were particularly treacherous due to the rainfall making the trails super wet and slippery.
Half of the field were not able to finish this race due to mechanicals or injuries.

Trails in the area are majority black rated so riders are to practice caution when riding in the zone.

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  1. That looks insanely rough!

  2. LOL – heard this was insane. Like half the riders didn't even finish

  3. @6:39 is the most South African thing ever LOL…. loving the footage bro

  4. Sharjah and rocks… I tell you

  5. Yuuusss, so bummed I couldn't get there! Looks EPIC! The rain "upgraded" the trademark Rene trails from Sketch, to Sketch AF Snot, to Near Impossible…. πŸ˜€ Awesome! And good riding, man!

  6. looks like the only 2 things I missed by not going was total carnage and a rad time

  7. Crazy steep amd technical

  8. Some serious trails out there!

  9. Awesome vid m8… :-))..

  10. "rnGood content"

  11. I thought the guy @4:14 broke his leg. I had to watch it about 4 times haha

  12. Federico Marmolejo

    Amazing trails!! Enduro worthy, thanks for sharing. Incredible trails in S.A.

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  14. Gnarly!

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