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Zebra Racing

Zebra Race at Remington Park in OKC

Jockeys flooded the winner’s circle at Remington Park on Sunday, April 24, to watch the Extreme Racing Sunday zebra race. The event provides donations to charities and includes donkey, camel and ostrich contests. The event is the racetrack’s largest day of the year, staff say.

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Racing Stripes – First Race

Disclaimer: I don’t own this video clip. This was created for use in a school project about horse racing and para-mutual betting. This video clip is from the film Racing Stripes. Stripes, the zebra character, wants to be a racehorse but Stripes’s first race doesn’t end exactly as planned. Thankfully …

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Training a zebra as a racehorse

(31 Jul 2009) SHOTLIST. AP Television UK, Sigwells Farm, Dorset UK July 10th 2009 1. Wide shot Bill Turner galloping with Zebedee the zebra 2. Bill Turner passing car UPSOUND (English) “Alright Ed? You going home are you?” (Laughter) Come on Zeb Come on.” 3. Wide shot horse looking out …

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