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Race Walk

Race walking is a type of speed walking that balances the physical activities of running and walking. Race walking has many of the same benefits as running, but it is lower impact. This makes race walking less stressful on the knees, feet, and hips.1 Race walking can be an enjoyable …

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Racewalking 101 | New Orleans Track Club

Get a quick tutorial on racewalking, rules, and proper form for the sport! Join us at a future race to participate as a racewalker. For more videos from The New Orleans Track Club, subscribe to our YouTube channel For more info about NOTC and racewalking, visit

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This Guy Walks Faster Than You Run

Richard Luettchau II, a competitive race walker, can walk a mile in about six minutes and 40 seconds. He shares some tips for picking up the pace. Photo: Jeff Bush for The Wall Street Journal Don’t miss a WSJ video, subscribe here: More from the Wall Street Journal: Visit …

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How to Racewalk

An introductory lesson on the technique used in the Olympic event of racewalking. The coach does not state the rules because this has been found to inhibit skill acquisition. If the technique is learned correctly, the athlete will be within the rules.

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Racewalking – Basics

A simple first lesson on the technique used in racewalking. The coach does not explain the rules since this tends to inhibit beginners. Instead, they teach correct form. If the technique is acquired correctly, the athletes will be within the rules during races.

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Is Racewalking a Sport?

What is a sport? Do arbitrary and technophobic rules matter? Help share science with the world and translate MinutePhysics into other languages! Also, explore a map of the big bang! MinutePhysics is on Google+ – And facebook – And twitter – @minutephysics Minute Physics provides an energetic and entertaining view …

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